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Bernadetta Dziubinski

Bernadetta Dziubinski (born: Strzyzow, Poland) is an artist living and working in Trentham (Staffordshire, UK). She is a member Society of Staffordshire Artists. Her great passion is art and interior design. The most important message of her work is to give joy and arouse positive emotions. Each painting, and there are over several hundred of them, is a play of colors and the discovery of new techniques. Her formal works focus on gesture and color, emphasizing simple form, animated brushstrokes and bold palettes. Her works are both highly abstract and very personal, a dynamic expression of feelings and spontaneous reactions.
Her paintings were published in three issues of the prestigious "House&Garden" magazine. In the years 2020-2023, she was one of the most popular artists of the Art2Arts Gallery. She created the cover of the band Sublunar's album.Her paintings are in private and public collections in the UK, Poland, Germany, Brussels, Latvia, USA, Italy and Dubai.


*** 08.12.2023 - 04.02.2024 Art Exhibition at Brampton Museum & Gallery 
*** 18.11.2023 - 06.01.2024 Christmas Exhibition, Foxlowe Art Centre,  Leek 
*** 10.2023 Drayton Art Festival, Market Drayton
*** 25.05-24.06.2023 Staffordshire Moorlands Open Art Exhibition  in Leek
*** 25.03-01.04.2023 The Nicholson Gallery in Leek, exhibition with Society of Staffordshire Artists "Celebration of Light and Form"
*** 30.06-30.08.2022 BurslemSchool of Art, Three Counties Open Art Exhibition.
*** 2021 Three Counties Open Art Exhibition, virtual summer show.
*** 1-31.08.2020 Three Counties Open Art Exhibition, virtual summer show.
*** 25.05.2019 - 26.06.2019 Staffordshire Moorlands Open Art Exhibition in Leek

"There are still a million new ideas in my head, so see my work ... you will surely find something suitable for your taste"

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