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Original and super uniqe piece of art.

Size: 39"x39" (100cm x 100cm x 4cm)

Medium: Acrylic on canvas and acrylic pen.. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

A painting inspired by Egon Schiele's drawing.

This is large format, full of energy, intensity and emotion. Whoever decides to purchase this, is purchasing part of my soul... Pure emotion on canvas. A piece like this isn't thought about prior to the brush hitting canvas. A piece like this just happens. It is a feeling, a thought, a part of me transferred through creativity into visual form. This painting is on quality cotton canvas. With painted sides and varnish it is ready to hang with no need for a frame. There is a signature on the front and on the reverse is the Title, a date and signature. Packaged with commercial bubble wrap, their protection is reinforced with strong cardboard packaging to secure safe passage.

Free delivery- UK

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