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MONOPRINTS duo 25/04

MONOPRINTS duo 25/04

MONOPRINTs 25/04/24/02 with mount

Size: 66cm x 43cm x3.5cm

If you are looking for an original piece of art, this absolutely unique picture is for you.

Made with a my owne technique using acrylic paints, oil pastel, pen, pencil & golden flakes on high-quality bristol 270g/m

Secured by a fixative. Available Certificate of Authenticity.

Monoprinting is a form of 'one off' printmaking. It can be done with or without a press and creates a fresh, non repeatable image.

The beauty of monoprinting lies in its spontaneity and its allowance for combinations of printmaking, painting and drawing media. An impression is printed in such a way that only one of its kind exists, for example by incorporating unique hand-colouring or collage.

If you would like to purchase this piece of art framed (black with glass), please send me a message. Additional cost - £20 (including shipping)


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